Adding New File Systems to NeuroKernel

June 8th, 2018 · No Comments

Fusing or embedding another application that implements file system interface as a component in your application makes that file system available to your application seamlessly. Any file system application from a third party web site or torrent can be used. This frees us from accommodating all the available cloud storage options to the NeuroKernel system. For example, any IPFS file system implemented by anybody can be added as a file system to NeuroKernel applications.

We will provide some of the popular file systems as open source application projects including IPFS but decided not to include them in the core distribution. Community driven file systems are going to be best suited. Pure Web Torrent based NeuroKernel/OS (Deep Web Edition) will include an IPFS application file system which can be replaced by another implementation of the same sort, we leave it to the consumers. One disadvantage of IPFS is that it is not really mutable which may not be very appealing to some users.

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NeuroKernel/OS Latest Developments

March 14th, 2018 · No Comments

No we have not been inactive. On the contrary, we have been constantly innovating. Here are couple of highlights,

  • WebRTC data ports and media are now supported
  • Improved protocol caching for lighting speed initial application launch
  • WebTorrent support is fully integrated. Now you can run applications directly from WebTorrent either compressed or not.
  • Drag and drop applications from your desktop to NeuroKernel desktop (either compressed or not)
  • Protocol extension system has been improved and about to be finalized
  • Protocol backward compatibility is now possible
  • It is now possible to embed standalone applications from a shell to any application
  • Improved resource authorization by Kernel
  • Improved array of java to javascript transpiler support
  • Many stability improvements and bug fixes

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What is NeuroKernel/OS?

August 18th, 2017 · No Comments

Innovative and Disruptive Technology

We have been working on a disruptive new technology, a distributed operating system, which has the potential to change the web computing and create a huge new eco system. This ground breaking new system is called NeuroKernel. Unlike conventional operating systems, NeuroKernel lives on top of web technologies. Its pure distributed architecture can execute applications compiled with NeuroKernel API from anywhere around the world either at the client side or server side. There is absolutely no need to deploy the complete system. Applications can be started even from a cloud-based service such as, or from your own server or even your own computer using a tunnel. All you need to do is use our feature rich Java based API, and compile your application to either java byte code for server side execution or JavaScript for client side using various tools that we support. Performance of the system is well tuned and beats anything web based out there.

Sphere: Network Transparent Display Server

What makes NeuroKernel unique is its network transparent display server called “Sphere” which makes remote execution of applications possible. Sphere lets applications embed other applications using NeuroKernel’s fusion technology. They instantly become part of the parent application layout and structure. In this way, various parts of an application are also distributed seamlessly. In rootless mode, NeuroKernel can also be fused with a web page.

Let me give you an example on how powerful NeuroKernel fusion technology can be. Lets say a user starts a NeuroKernel workstation session from a server in New York. Same user then starts an application at the client side that is hosted in This application can contain 2 different embedded applications. One of these embedded applications is executed at another NeuroKernel server in San Diego and the second one can be loaded from London. Now the user has an application window on his/her web-based workstation that runs completely distributed and decentralized. Embeddable applications can be replicated to different ends so that if one location fails, the other one is used.

Fusion Technology

The fusion technology also brings the expensive server-to-server communications and micro-services complexity to the convenience, simplicity and security of the client side. Applications can be deployed to different locations and fused as micro services to a parent application. NeuroKernel has various ready to use cognitive sub modules which run at client side. Speech synthesizer, Conversation engine, Speech recognizer, Text recognizer and Neural Network modules are all interfaces to the Java API and available to developers.

Moreover, each application can act as a device. Common device definitions with well-defined interfaces bring a whole new dimension to the NeuroKernel computing. A cloud file system, a text-to-speech device or chat-bot device, for example, can be implemented by many developers, and these devices can be identified and used instantly by other NeuroKernel applications. Everything is distributed and convenient, just pick one that works best for your application and fuse it. For example, can develop a file system device and compile it to JavaScript, and publish just this compiled device to their server. Then, it will be available to all NeuroKernel applications around the world to use. No need to deploy the entire system. Another example, a household device can make its features available in unimaginable ways using a tiny web server, network connectivity and single or more NeuroKernel applications.

Fused applications can ask to fuse other applications if trusted by the parent application. There is not limit to fusion if there is trust. This creates fusion trees. Fusion trees are highly organic and may span to anywhere on earth when initiated.

Ready to Use

NeuroKernel is a finished product and will be licensed in various forms including OEM. Its profile for limited devices does not need Java for deployment and an excellent fit for device manufacturers. Modern browsers on desktops, tablets and smart phones are all supported. NeuroKernel has tremendous potential to change how we access information and interact over the web.

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Decentralized Web Computing

June 19th, 2017 · No Comments

NeuroKernel /OS is developed purely for decentralized and distributed web computing. Static version of the NeuroKernel will be resilient to failovers, and will be free for everyones use.  NeuroKernel applications can be launched without having the system itself deployed. You will just run the static version of NeuroKernel and launch your app right on it. Each application can embed other NeuroKernel applications around the world as a component. This means portions of an application itself can also be run as distributed and decentralized. Each application can define any number of failover sites. If one site is down NeuroKernel will pick the next one on the list. This is also the case for applications running as components.

Instead of reinventing the wheel for decentralization, NeuroKernel brings an augmented web on top of existing web technologies for easy decentralization and distribution of web applications. Each site will be a full blown application, not a simple web page. We will make NeuroKernel API libraries free to use for non commercial application development.


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Publishing Applications to Cloud Storage (Github and Bitbucket)

March 7th, 2017 · No Comments

Developing Applications for NeuroKernel/OS standalone or as a component will be very easy over Github and Bitbucket. Compiling the application to Javascript opens the way to deploy them directly from Github or Bitbucket. NeuroKernel Operating System will visualize your applications living in these or similar cloud services instantly, distributed and decentralized. In fact, you can deploy your applications to anywhere you like, and run from NeuroKernel. You do not need to deploy the entire system to your medium, just the compiled application itself.

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Publishing NeuroKernel Application to Cloud

July 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Publishing a NeuroKernel application to Cloud based drives and executing that app from NeuroKernel is as simple as calling the “exec” command with couple of parameters. Even github can be used to launch and test your applications.

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NeuroKernel /OS v1.0 has been released

July 8th, 2016 · No Comments

NeuroKernel/OS has arrived to change the face of the internet computing. It can run applications from different servers in one single web based workstation. Applications themselves can embed other applications as components to their layouts as well. Using various IPC mechanisms, these application blocks from different domains can communicate with each other at the client side.


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